Gardens of Love

Fresh vegetables should be coming soon from our gardens. As we’ve mentioned in the past, if you find yourself with a bumper crop, please consider sharing it with our Food Pantry. The Food Pantry is open the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month, and we would appreciate your donations dropped off on the Thursday or Friday before those Saturdays. A box will be placed in the hallway by the back-entrance. Thanks for your help!

Upcoming Sermon Series

This month (following the wrap-up of the ‘God Blesses’ series), we’ll begin a new worship series that’s full of reminders for those called Christians (‘Little Christs’). As human beings, we need reminders, don’t we? Sometimes we learn the eternal truths of God, from God’s word, but then when life gets busy or we lose our focus on God ... we sometimes forget. On August 23rd we began a 2-part worship series entitled “10 Big Things” — a great reminder of some of the basic teachings of Jesus before the new school year begins...

Just to give you a taste of what we’re in for, let me ask this: How often do we forget God’s commands ... are actually commands? And how about that ‘love’ thing Jesus kept talking about? What does loving God and others really mean? Is it just a feeling we’re supposed to have or what? And then there’s the persecution of Jesus’ followers. Do we have to be a part of that ... or is there some way we can just skip that part? Messages in this series are simply as follows:

  • Sunday, August 23rd was – “10 Big Things Jesus Said and We Often Forget!” (Part I)
  • Sunday, September 6th – “10 Big Things Jesus Said and We Often Forget!” (Part II)
  • As you might suspect, we’ll be covering 5 ‘things’ per week, being reminded of who we are and whose we are... Join us, would you? You’re not going to want to miss out on this very important teaching time.

Picture of Trinity Church's cross and altar

Welcome to Trinity United Methodist Church. We're a small congregation worshipping a Great God! Come visit us and share in the blessings of fellowship in Christ Jesus.

Other Interesting Stuff

Picture of Trinity Evengelical Campground

Ever wonder what was here before the church was built? Did you know it was a church campground? Find out more about the history of our Trinity Church.

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Picture of Food

Times are tough for some, regardless of the economy. Need a little help to get you through? Trinity Church hosts the local community Food Pantry.

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