Sundays of June

June 21 – Fathers’ Day Sunday Pastor Kerry will speak from Jeremiah 35:1-19 and III John 2-8 on “Faithful Fathers and Faithful Families” The Praise Team will lead the opening worship in both services. This is also the day that we send off our Mission Team to Ohio; come EARLY and pray them on their way!

June 28 – Farewell to Pastor Kerry & Sue There will be a special fellowship time between the two worship services as we say Good Bye to the Wilsons. Pastor Kerry will share a message based on Colossians 2:5-10 with Ecclesiastes 3:1-15 as the OT Scripture.

Picture of Trinity Church's cross and altar

Welcome to Trinity United Methodist Church. We're a small congregation worshipping a Great God! Come visit us and share in the blessings of fellowship in Christ Jesus.

Other Interesting Stuff

Picture of Trinity Evengelical Campground

Ever wonder what was here before the church was built? Did you know it was a church campground? Find out more about the history of our Trinity Church.

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Picture of Food

Times are tough for some, regardless of the economy. Need a little help to get you through? Trinity Church hosts the local community Food Pantry.

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