Thanksgiving Eve Service

This year St. Mary’s Catholic Church will join us at Trinity on Wednesday, November 26th at 7:00 p.m.

This will be a joint service with our Catholic brothers and sisters. Come and give thanks with our combined congregations. The suggested offering will be non-perishable food items to be divided between the Lomira and Oakfield Food Pantries

Thanksgiving Dinner

This year, we’re celebrating our 8th Annual Thanksgiving Dinner on Thursday, November 27th, in the Fellowship Hall from Noon–2:30 p.m.

This event is open to all in the community who wish to enjoy good food and good company as our guests! If you have any questions, please call Karyn Michels at (920) 979-3956. For take-out orders, call Chuck Rhein at (920) 948-1701.

November's Special Sundays

November 23rd - The Sunday before Thanksgiving.We will use Psalm 107 as the basis for a “responsive sermon” in which the congregation will respond in unison to a scriptural declaration given by the pastor as we progress through the psalm. Psalm 107 prompts us to see the blessings of God and the wonder of answered prayers and repeats a “chorus” – “Let them thank the Lord for His steadfast love, for His wonderful works to humankind.”

November 30th - The First Sunday of Advent.The Prophet Zephaniah will help us to look ahead to when we celebrate that “The Lord your God is with you!” (Zeph. 3:14-17) Can you get excited that the Lord Himself “will rejoice over you with singing.”??!! And did you know that the Lord likes to dance??

Picture of Trinity Church's cross and altar

Welcome to Trinity United Methodist Church. We're a small congregation worshipping a Great God! Come visit us and share in the blessings of fellowship in Christ Jesus.

Other Interesting Stuff

Picture of Trinity Evengelical Campground

Ever wonder what was here before the church was built? Did you know it was a church campground? Find out more about the history of our Trinity Church.

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Picture of Food

Times are tough for some, regardless of the economy. Need a little help to get you through? Trinity Church hosts the local community Food Pantry.

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