The School Year Commeth

With a new school year for the kids, comes a new season of Sunday School, and Comfirmation classes. Be sure to get your children enrolled soon and give them the gift of God's wisdom and knowledge. With God's Word in their hearts and minds, they'll be on their way to becoming wonderful kids, playmates, students, and eventually adults, wives, husbands, and citizens in their communities. But you have to start now.

Sunday School will start September 7th from 8:30 to 9:25 a.m. and are encouraged to bring their friends along. Sunday School families should be receiving a packet in the mail with more details.

Confirmation class will start on Wednesday, September 10th, and 7:00 p.m. and at least one parent must attend with their son/daughter that night. See the September Newsletter for more information.

September's Special Sundays

September 7th, Rally Day The “official” kick-off of the Fall season with the start of Sunday School classes. See the article on the first page of this month's newsletter entitled, “Return of the Brain.” If there are 3 or 4 high school students who would like to form a Sunday School class, please contact Sue Wilson! (If you’re confirmed and don’t think you need more Sunday School: who is the left-handed judge? And, why does that matter??) We are planning to re-start the Adult Sunday School class as well. We will have communion in both worship services (at the altar in the first service and in the pews during the second service). “New Covenant, New Life, New Start” will be the theme for the morning services and the message by Pastor Kerry that day will be based on Jeremiah’s prophecy of the New Covenant in Jeremiah 31:31-34. Jesus gave us that New Covenant and we’ll be “Sitting at His Feet, Breaking Bread Together.”

September 14th, Bible Sunday is the day we will be giving out Bibles to those in K4, third, seventh grades. We’ll encourage one another to be “Sitting at His Feet, Listening to His Word.” Our Scripture focus will be on Romans 15:4-7 and Matthew 4:1-11 where we see the importance of Scripture in our daily lives.

September 21st, A Healing Service While every worship service can be and is a healing service, sometimes it is good to focus on healing! Too often we think of healing in regards to only our bodies. Not to discount that at all, we want to broaden the scope and possibilities God offers us as we look to His love for healing in the areas of relationships, finances, emotions, spiritual woundedness, etc. “Sitting at His Feet, Having Been Healed by Jesus” is the vision for our worship this morning and as we look at Luke 8:26-39.

September 28th, "Son-Day" Today is Son-Day! Every day is Son-Day! As Jesus’ disciples we are to see ourselves as “Sitting at His Feet, Making Jesus Our Top Priority.” Are you a “Mary” or a “Martha”? (Guys, you can ask yourself that question, too!) We’ll look at these two friends of Jesus in Luke 10:38-42 and see what Jesus has to say about where our priorities should be.

And as always, every Sunday is filled with God's wisdom, heard through His Word, and the fellowship of believers! Come join us!

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